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Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps you restore and rebalance Ki in your body, your life force. The therapy may support support you in restoring your physical and mental health.


Rejuvance is a massage technique that focuses on your face and neck. It is a form of acupressure combined with massage that will promote a firmer skin, shiny look, smooth wrinkles, relieve jaw tensions and migraines.

Chi Nei Tsang

Abdominal Detox Chi Massage: this ancient Chinese technique is a form of acupressure on each of the abdominal organs, relaxing any tension and releasing the respective emotions that are stored and stuck in them.

“Shiatsu is based on a full oriental medical system, which explains the human body in terms of a network of meridians through which flows an energy called Ki.”

Shizuto Masunaga 

in his book “Zen Shiatsu”
Picture: Wikimedia

En Ghalini & Burnout management for Humanitarian workers

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I accompany you step by step in getting in touch with your body

I have studied Zen Shiatsu in the course of three years in the Shiatsu Academy of Thessaloniki, Greece. During this time I have had the chance to learn the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western physiology, the connections between mind and body and the relation to oneself.

Why re-connect with your body?

Re-connecting with your body means re-connecting with your health and your emotions. It is easy to forget about our physical and emotional needs in a busy lifestyle. I am here to discover where imbalances are prevalent in your body & life and, through Zen Shiatsu, activate the autoimmune-responses of your nervous system while providing a deep sense of relaxation and rest.

Rejuvance is a very relaxing technique that will not only leave your face look refreshed, but also may help to dissolve jaw tension (i.e. teeth grinding) and migraines. Chi Nei Tsang is a powerful belly acupressure therapy that will help release deep seated tensions and emotions in the abdominal organs.


Whether you’re curious about Zen Shiatsu, Rejuvance and Chi Nei Tsang or simply wonder if these therapies could help your issue, feel free to contact me!